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06/11/2017, 18:01

დაკავშირებული სურათი

Additional Information:

Year: 2016

Platform: PC

Genre: Simulator / 3D / Indie

Publisher: Amistech Games

Developer: Amistech Games

Language: EN

Crack: Included


System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 10 (64-bit)

Processor: Intel Core i3-560 3.3GHz / Phenom II X4 805

Memory: 4 GB

Graphics Card: NVIDIA GTX 650 TI / AMD Radeon HD 7770 VRAM 1 GB

Hard Drive: 1 GB



Short Review:
MY SUMMER CAR is the ultimate car owning, building, fixing, tuning, maintenance AND permadeath life survival simulator. You start the game with hundreds of loose parts and assemble both car and engine. Not only you need to maintain your car, but yourself as well. Sausages, beer and sleeping will do just fine.
If everything goes well, you have a working car which you can use for various 1990's Finnish countryside summer activities. Basically doing stupid things under influence of alcohol. After you have gathered extra money from various random jobs, you can start to tune and upgrade the car with parts ordered via snail mail. You can turn the car into a obnoxious bass-boom disco machine.... or into a rally car to participate rally competitions... or just fix it into perfect factory condition. Of course car also needs to pass the inspection or you might get into trouble with police.
Not only you have access to one car, but also several other cars and vehicles which you can use. (Mostly useful to get groceries and for towing the project car from some ditch, again).

My Summer Car pc-ის სურათის შედეგიMy Summer Car pc-ის სურათის შედეგი

My Summer Car pc-ის სურათის შედეგიMy Summer Car pc-ის სურათის შედეგი

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